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VW T5 Window Fitting

Now that the bulk head had been removed it was time to turn our attention to having a few windows fitted to the sides and rear.

After browsing the photos on Google at all the options available we decided on the look that we wanted by having a single forward window on each side panel along with a tailgate window. At first I was against having a tailgate window fitted to the T5, but there looked to be a lot of chatter on the forums about DVLA reclassification and quotes from DVLA documents stating that from the rear the van must look like it could contain additional passengers in the rear, so not wanting to risk any technicalities when it comes to reclassification we decided that a rear window was needed.

Now there are lots of VW T5 window kits available, kiravans do some great ones and there are lots of people who have found it straight forward in fitting their own, but this was worrying me a little to say the least. The thought of cutting lumps out of our beloved T5 panels and risk getting something wrong was too much, so I looked at my options.

I could buy the windows and have a go at fitting them, or I could pay an extra £250 and have a chap supply and fit them on my driveway.

A total no brainer at this stage of the build for the extra hit it is worth letting a mobile fitter with the right specalist window fitting tools, cutters and most of all public liability insurance do the work.

The best desision made to date, he turned up at 10am prompt and was all done by 14:00. I was worried that been there taking pics could have annoyed him but he was ok and said VW owners are his best customers and went on to mention that the previouse day he had to fit a full set of windows into a brand new T6 with only delivery milage on the clock and he had to ask the owners to leave as they were almost in tears when he started to make the first cut in the brand new van.

Once fitted our van was out of action for 48 hrs to make sure all of the adhisive was fully set, and that included no door opening and closing. After a couple of days it was time for a quick wash down with an hosepipe to get rid of any fine bits of metal which were around the window and on the body work then we were good to go.

Time taken: 4hrs + 24/48 hrs curing

Cost: Depending on your fitter expect to pay around £800 for 3 windows supplied and fitted

And was the rear window worth it? Yes it made a massive diffence to the look and feel of the van.

Here are a few photos from the day.







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