VW Build

What’s it all about?

Like many others out there we have always admired the VW camper as it passed us by and always said to ourselves “if only, maybe one day”.

Well the midlife crisis kicked in a little earlier than expected and it was time for me to purchase the totally unpractical two seater sports car for a family of five, then the voice of reason kindly pointed out, “what about a VW camper?”.

After many hours browsing and quickly realising that the camper to meet our needs was going to cost way more than we had anticipated, the conversation quickly turned to the topic of a self build.

The Plan

There are lots of forums out there and it looked like the dub community are a very helpful bunch when it came to self build questions.

So the plan was hatched, buy a secondhand T5 and have a go using the internet as our guide.

So why write this blog about our VW conversion?

After a couple of months we have finally managed to convert our VW T5 with no prior automotive knowledge using only the VW forums and videos to guide us along the way.

So it is only fair that we too share what we have found and pass on our T5 self build story which hopefully might help others along the way.

The Van

We decided on a T5 but knew that it needed to be an automatic with a tailgate.
It took a while to find the right van as there are not too many out there with automatic boxes and tailgates, but in the end we managed to find one on Ebay, a 2009 VW T5 DSG T30 Automatic with tailgate and it only had 40k on the clock!

It was the standard commercial panel van with a bulkhead but very clean considering it was a works van.

The End Goal

At the end of the day our goal was to have a family day van, something that we could use as our daily family car but also adapt to an occasional sleep over or weekend festival such as Camper Jam.
It needed to be able to tow a caravan and carry bikes. but most of all keep the kids entertained.

The following posts cover each topic as we approached them. they are by no means the only way of doing things but it’s how we decided to approach each task.

We also had to purchase quite a few new tools and quickly discovered the old “buy cheap, buy twice” rule here. So in each post we will also try and list all the tools & parts we ended up using as this will add to your overall build price.