Fixed or detachable

Which VW tow bar to choose for our T5

With the windows in, our attention turned to a few of the bigger jobs where it would make perfect sense to have them done now while the interior was fully exposed and accessible.

We wanted the option of towing so it made sense to look at getting that out of the way as it seemed to be a bit of a dull purchase.

Fixed or Detachable

As with the windows there are lots of kits and options here but once again after a quick look on the internet we found a local tow bar fitter who could supply and fit with electrics for under £400, so it was on the phone for a quick chat.

I wanted a fixed bar but the chap advised us that due to the reversing sensors on a VW T5 there is a risk that a fixed bar might interfere with them with a false reading of distance, and once it was fitted there is not much you can do about it, so detachable it was to avoid any issues.

The rear bumper and cross member were removed to make way for the new Witter assembly and because the inner panels and pillar trim were already out the fitter said that it made the job so much easier to run all the electrics internally along the loom and down into the engine bay rather than along and under the outside of the vehicle.

I didn’t really get chance to take many photos during fitting but as you can see the end result is very discrete and the tow bar is very easy to attach and disengage and fits nicely under the front double seat.

(While looking for a tow bar we did enquire at our local VW dealer about them installing a tow bar, long story short the quote was £1,500 for excactly the same Witter bar as we just had fitted!)

Fitting Time: 4Hrs

Cost: Expect to pay around £400